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Barnsley Early Bird 2015

Barnsley Archery Club's Early Bird shoot was held on Sunday the 1st of March 2015. The day started crisp, cold and clear, but we got a soaking later on. As ever, we enjoyed a great fun atmosphere and fine pork-product butties. Marina Rose, celebrating her birthday, wielded the frying pans with consummate skill. The shoot raised 252 for cancer charities.

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 Barnsley Early Bird 2015 results

Photos by Tim Mason.

The Lady Paramount Michelle Kiddy:

Judges Martin Middleton and Mark Hayes with Tournament Organiser Sophie Carpenter and Michelle:

Happy birthday to Marina Rose - Rachael, step away from the cake:

Viv Oxley:

Lynda Oliver:

Steve Shaw:

Michelle Kiddy:

Gareth Allen:

Barebow Bex bops the board:

Steve Padgett:

Glenn Studholme:

Zoe Stead:

Debra Allen:

John Fell:

Mark Tinker:


Sharon Tideswell and Lewis Slater:

Liz Owen:

Deborah Waterhouse:

George McMillan:

Jessie Slater:

Richard Wood:

Lewis Slater:

Liz Owen:

Keeping us going - Rachael Smith and Marina Rose:

Michelle Kiddy:

Steve Jones:

Gareth Allen:

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