Gallery 2015

York Archers Society October Clout 2015

The York Archers Society October Clout took place on the 10th of October. After a week of rain, the clear conditions were a welcome relief, and a great day of archery and bacon butties was enjoyed.

Photos by Tim Mason.

Richard Ford and Mark Hayes assemble the archers:

Ian Foster:

Neeve Lomas:

Danny Walsh:

Louise Smith:

Gareth Carlin:

Gareth Beeby:

Steve Wilson:

Jean Horwood:

Barbara Stebbens:

Adam Lees:

Feeeeed meeee...

Barebow Bex:

Dean Whitehead:

Allan Shuker:

Martin Mycock:

Simon Poon:

Debbie Aconley:

The lengths some spectators will go to, to avoid paying an entry fee:

Ooh, now then...four and two is...err...

The scores? Go on then, let's have a laugh:

The Lord Patron, Martin Mycock:

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