Trophies for the Longbow Championships

Clout championships
Double FITA Star
Indoor championships
Longbow championships
Outdoor championships
Outdoor junior championships
Field championships
Missing club trophies

Longbow Lady Most Hits

Longbow Lady Highest Score

Longbow Lady Most Golds

Longbow Lady Veteran

Longbow Lady Visitor Most Hits

Longbow Lady Worst White

Longbow Gent Most Hits

Longbow Gent Most Golds

Longbow Gent Highest Score

Longbow Gent Veteran

Longbow Gent Visitor Most Hits

Longbow Gent Worst White

Longbow Lady Best Gold

Longbow Gent Best Gold

Longbow Jack and Jill

Longbow Lady Best First Arrow After Lunch

Longbow Gent Best First Arrow After Lunch

Longbow Team

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