Policy concerning external links

The YAA provides links to external websites that may be of interest to members of the YAA. The YAA does not require the external website to link to our own website, though of course we're happy for it to do so.

The YAA applies a qualitative judgement when deciding whether to link to an external website.

We are happy to link to non-commercial archery websites in Yorkshire. We are also happy to link to non-commercial archery websites outside Yorkshire that will be of interest to YAA members.

We are more cautious about links to commercial websites. Archery retailers and manufacturers in the UK are of interest to our members, of course, and we will link to them provided that the company is established, stable and does not display or link to inappropriate material. We will occasionally link to non-archery websites where the company has provided a service to the YAA. We will occasionally link to non-UK archery manufacturers. The YAA will not link to non-UK retailers, nor to websites that we feel are primarily concerned with activities that the YAA does not wish to be associated with.

If in doubt, please contact the Webmaster, who will advise whether or not the YAA is willing to link to your website.

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