Arrowhawks outdoor dates for 2022

Kath Fitzpatrick - 13 June 2022

Arrowhawks Archery Academy has announced the outdoor training dates of its summer 2022 programme.

The sessions will be at York Archers Society and St George's Archery Club.

For full details, please see this document:
 Arrowhawks outdoor dates (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Talent Pathway Coach

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Coach training courses at NFP Archery

Helen Woodcock - 12 May 2022

NFP Archery and Pennine Archers are pleased to be able to work together to deliver coaching courses face to face at the NFP Archery Range in Linthwaite. There are no online modules.

We have three courses arranged.

Session Coach (1):
18th, 19th, 25th June and 3rd September - total cost £300

Session Coach (2):
8th, 22nd, 29th October and 10th December - total cost £300

Development Coach:
9th, 16th, 17th, 23rd OR 24th July and 10th September - total cost £400

Courses can be booked via Sport 80 or directly with NFP Archery. If anyone wants further details please email:

Helen Woodcock
NFP Archery
 NFP Archery

NTDP second session at Arrowhawks

Kath Fitzpatrick - 2 November 2021

The second session of the National Talent Development Programme in the north will take place at Arrowhawks Archery Academy, Haxby, York on Sunday the 12th of December 2021.

Kath Fitzpatrick
Talent Pathway Coach

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

National Talent Development Programme, Northern Area

Kath Fitzpatrick - 8 September 2021

I am pleased to say that Archery GB is recommencing the National Talent Development Programme. The Northern area will be hosted by Arrowhawks Archery Academy at Haxby, York.

The first two dates are now confirmed as October 17th and December 12th.

We will be delighted to see any returning athletes as well as new ones, recurve or compound.

Booking places will be through Sport 80 they should be listed under Events.

To help us plan our coach numbers, if you do intend to book a place, I would be grateful if you could let me know. Please feel free to pass this information on to other juniors (under 20) and to contact me if you need any further information, or see our Facebook page:
 Facebook: NTDP North

Archery GB information on the programme is shown below.

Archery GB Performance Pathway
The aim of our programmes is to support the development of athletes through an environment of sporting and professional excellence. The development of athletes’ physical, mental, and technical performance attributes are key themes within our programmes, enabling Britain’s future archers to maximise their talents leading ultimately to medal success at senior international championships.

How it works
The National Talent Development Programme (NTDP) is fully inclusive. All young athletes who are keen to improve, including those with disabilities, are actively encouraged to sign up. The NTDP is open for any athlete under the age of 20. From 2018, the programme was also extended to compound archers.

The NTDP is the key connect between the grass roots Talent activity of our sport, including OnTarget Performance Clubs and our HCSC (Home Country Sports Councils) Talent Pathway. We piloted this programme in 2012 and it has been highly successful as a means of defining and refining our Talent pool. It is an inclusive programme, with no criteria to register except age.

Archers attend coaching* and benchmarking days throughout the year and are profiled in August at the end of the cycle. Those demonstrating talent against the "what it takes to win" criteria can be selected to the National Age Group Academy, the induction for which takes place each September.

* in 2021-22 the aim is for sessions to be held every two months between October and April, leaving the competition season clear.

Kath Fitzpatrick
Talent Pathway Coach

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Winter coaching and training 2021-22 with Trinity

Trinity Archery Coaching - 3 August 2021

Trinity Archery Coaching have announced their winter 2021-22 coaching schedule. All sessions will be held at Leeds Trinity University indoor sports hall.

The dates are:
 10 October 2021
 21 November 2021
 12 December 2021
 23 January 2022
 20 February 2022
 20 March 2022

Sessions will run from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Contact Andy Arnold on:

 07879 330945

Guy Hair
Trinity Archery Coaching

Session Coach (Level 1) course at NFP Archery

Helen Woodcock - 29 June 2021

NFP Archery have been selected to deliver an Archery GB Session Coach (Level 1) course designed specifically to meet the needs of university archery clubs and help them introduce new members in the 2021-2022 academic year.

For full information including details of how to book your place, please see this flyer:
 NFP Session Coach course for universities (image)

Helen Woodcock
NFP Archery
 NFP Archery

Arrowhawks Archery Academy

Kath Fitzpatrick - 25 June 2021

Are you keen to improve your archery performance?

Do you have ambitions in the sport?

Do you enjoy competition?

Would you like to train alongside like-minded people and access performance coaching from coaches who understand what it takes to succeed - and how to deliver that?

Arrowhawks Archery Academy developed from the Yorkshire Junior Squad and started in 2017. Since then, we have been able to support many archers, both junior and senior, to improved performance - recurve, compound, longbow, target archery and field archery. We also deliver the Archery GB National Talent Development programme for the north as part of the Archery GB Talent Pathway.

Outdoor training will be held at York Archers and St George's (Harrogate). Indoor training starts in October in York.

For full details and contact information:
 Arrowhawks Archery Academy 2021 (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
CCO Yorkshire

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Arrowhawks Archery Academy - session dates

Kath Fitzpatrick - 25 June 2021

We have now set seven dates over the next three months for Arrowhawks sessions.

Please indicate distance preferred and we’ll do our best to cater for it.

The two venues are:
    St George's AC
    Allerton Castle Park
    Allerton Mauleverer
    HG5 0SB

    York Archers Society
    Hopgrove Playing Fields
    Malton Road
    YO32 9TF

St Georges dates are:
 Saturday 26th June
 Saturday 10th July
 Saturday 28th August
 Saturday 11th September

York Archers dates are:
 Saturday 24th July
 Saturday 7th August
 Sunday 26th September

Bookings are now being taken for all sessions, either for a full or half day.

When booking please email with your name, club, bow style, AGB number, date(s) you wish to attend, whether AM/PM or full day, and distance - we will do our best to cater for all distances but it may not always be possible, in which case we will email you to check for an alternative.

Full venue access details will be sent out in the week prior to the session. Both venues have facilities for toilets and hot drinks.

Kath Fitzpatrick
CCO Yorkshire

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Supporting mental health and well-being of athletes - in an archery context

Kath Fitzpatrick - 8 April 2021

There is much being discussed in general life and in sport currently about mental health and the importance of awareness when returning to sporting activity. It is a focus for UK Coaching and Archery GB and was much discussed at the recent YAA Committee meeting.

YAA Coaching and YAA Safeguarding are offering to coaches and clubs the opportunity to take part in a Zoom session with Erin Prior, Sport Psychologist and archer, on returning to shooting and coaching - consideration of post-lockdown mental health issues.

This course is being funded by YAA Coaching and there is no cost to YAA coaches and clubs for taking part. If you would like to book a place, please send an email to:

This should contain your name, club, coach grade or club role as applicable, contact telephone number and email address. The link for the session will then be sent out to you.

Below is a link to a flyer from Erin about the session, which will take place on Saturday April 17th 7:00-8:30 PM:
 Mental health and wellbeing (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
CCO Yorkshire

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Coach licence renewals

Kath Fitzpatrick - 15 March 2021

All coaches need to renew their qualification licence every three years along with their DBS. Please note that these may be due at different times, particularly for those people who have held their qualifications a long time.

Reminders are sent out about your DBS - however, I do recommend making sure this is in your forward diary.

Reminders are not always sent out for coaching licence renewal. If you do receive one it will be by email, so ensure that AGB has your up-to-date email address. You do need to make sure you record when this will be due and send in the form as shown below 6-8 weeks before the due date. Different levels go to different people:

 Level 1 to CCO
 Level 2 to CCO
 County coach to RCO
 Senior coach to National Panel

For L1 and 2 the forms go to a county panel of senior and county coaches. In the case of any appeals there is an appeal panel separate from this. The CCO is currently Kath Fitzpatrick.

For county coaches forms go to the RCO who is currently Danny Cameron.

Senior coaches - forms used to go to the NCO Education. As this role no longer exists there is an annual renewal panel and forms are submitted to the panel chair.

As Archery GB transitions into the new coaching scheme it is possible that this may move to an online process.

I am often asked about CPD.

At L1 currently there is no CPD requirement. However, all coaches benefit from opportunities to learn and develop their skills further.

At L2 there is an expectation of CPD (15 points) and the matrix can be used to calculate these - this is reviewed and can be updated each year.

At County Coach there is an expectation of CPD (20 points) and these now include delivering CPD as well as receiving it.

Senior Coaches are expected to be contributing to national, regional and county developments as well as extending their own learning. A minimum of 25 points is required.

There is a guidance document on the Archery GB website coaching section that clearly explains the process:
 Archery GB: Coach Licence Renewal Guide (PDF)

AGB have also issued a statement on the coach renewal section of the website relating to Covid and the lack of opportunity for coaches to both practise and gain CPD. It is recognised that these are unusual times and renewal panels are asked to treat all renewals sympathetically where there may be gaps. Similarly, where an individual has taken a year out of AGB membership because of Covid, when they rejoin they can also apply to have their coaching licence reinstated by following the renewal process.

There is no reason to delay your renewal due to lack of work record or CPD, so if you wish to continue post-Covid please send it in and we can process it promptly.

Kath Fitzpatrick
CCO Yorkshire

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Archery GB statement on coaching licence renewal

Archery GB - 15 March 2021

Coach Licence Renewal

We recognise that coaches work hard to achieve their coaching qualifications, and with that a licence to coach in Archery GB affiliated clubs.

We encourage coaches to remain active and maintain their standards of coaching. However, many people are facing challenging work, personal and financial situations due to COVID and being able to dedicate time to coaching has not been possible. We understand this and want to help make it easier for coaches to return to their role when they are able to without feeling penalised or unfairly treated.

We have received a number of enquiries from coaches and County / Regional Coaching Organisers who are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on coaching. We have shared our responses to these questions below, to help guide coaches and coaching organisers.

What is Archery GB’s priority when it comes to coaching?

This is an unprecedented time and our priority is on supporting coaches in archery to keep doing what they love. Coaching is a great means to connect with others and enjoy a sense of wellbeing, for both the coach and the archer.

Many clubs have experienced a significant loss in membership and so it is crucial that they have recognised coaches who can help them rebuild their membership base. Licensed coaches are needed more than ever to provide have-a-go’s, beginner courses, and on-going opportunities to be coached in the club.

How is Archery GB supporting coaches?

In the last year we have had to suspend in person training courses and we have worked hard to provide alternative opportunities for coaches to engage online instead. Many of these opportunities can be considered as ‘informal learning’ or ‘social learning’, which doesn’t directly result in a qualification being achieved. However, this does not make the learning any less valid!

Our approach is to encourage coaches to engage in all types of learning; formal, informal and social. This is underpinned by our provision of Learning Curve which promotes the community aspect of coaching, and also how we have restructured our coaching courses into modules, which allows coaches to have more control over what topics they learn about and when.

As an example, we have recently launched the Empowering Archery workshop. This is an excellent stand-alone workshop that all volunteers can access and find useful, and it also doubles up as a module towards achieving a coaching qualification. So, by completing Empowering Archery, you will be one step closer to attaining a qualification, if that is what you want to do.

I have not joined Archery GB this year, but plan to in 2021/22. Will my coaching licence still be valid when I re-join?

When you re-join Archery GB next year, your coaching licence can also be reactivated, so that you can continue coaching from where you left off. When you re-join Archery GB please look at your membership profile to check if your coaching licence has lapsed. If it has, simply follow the usual renewal process via your County Coaching Organiser.

I have been able to continue my development as a coach this year, but mainly through online learning. Does this count towards renewal?

Yes! We are really encouraged by the number of coaches who have engaged with online learning opportunities this year. From joining webinars, online workshops or simply engaging in conversations on Learning Curve; many coaches have been active in their personal development during COVID-19.

We encourage coaches to continue their development through online opportunities and submit this as part of their renewal.

I am a licensed coach and have not been able to coach or invest much time into developing my knowledge this year due to COVID-19. Can I still renew my coaching licence at my current grade?

County and Regional Coaching Organisers are responsible for renewing coaches locally. Archery GB asks County and Regional Coaching Organisers to demonstrate absolute flexibility towards coaches renewing their licence in 2021 and 2022, regardless if they meet the usual requirements or not.

Session Coach - new entry-level coach qualification

Kath Fitzpatrick - 28 February 2021

For archers interested in starting their coaching qualification, Archery GB has released details of the new entry grade of Session Coach, with a series of dates available for the online module Empowering Coaching available on Sport 80 for booking now.

It does not matter which you book onto as only the practical days are locally organised - each module is separately certificated to allow flexibility for candidates.

Empowering Coaching is in 4 sessions for L2 and above or existing L1 wising to move to the next level of Development Coach. The first two sessions form the requirement for Session Coach; sessions 3 and 4 are for existing qualified coaches at all levels.

If you would be interested in taking a Session Coach course please inform the CCO Kath Fitzpatrick (so that practical days can be organised when we are able to offer them) then book onto an Empowering Coaching module via Sport 80.

Any queries please feel free to contact me.

For more information, please see this document:
 Session Coach (PDF)

Please contact me at:

 07590 466907

Kath Fitzpatrick
AGB Senior Coach and Coach Developer
AGB Talent Team

Online Level 1 Coach training course

Kath Fitzpatrick - 14 February 2021

In response to the current Covid situation, which is limiting the introduction of the coach development programme, Archery GB has developed an online version of the Level 1 Coach Course to run eight sessions which would be equivalent to two days of the Level 1 Coach Course. This would need to be followed by two live days some time in the future when we are no longer under Covid restrictions. The second day would be the Coach Presentations (formerly Assessment) Day.

The first eight sessions consist of four modules, two sessions of two hours each:
 Starting Your Learning Journey: two 2-hour sessions
 Empowering Archery (Part 1): two 2-hour sessions
 Introduction to Archery Technique: two 2-hour sessions
 Creating Engaging Sessions: two 2-hour sessions

I have expressed an interest in having the YAA hold a course - although online candidates could join any of the online modules. However, to gauge interest I ask clubs to let me know if they feel they have any potential interest. The benefits of attending modules with other YAA clubs would be the potential for mutual support and also ease of attending the final two live days alongside other candidates that you have come to know. At the moment I don’t have details of the costs. However the empowering coaching modules have been done at £25 per session.

As modules will be booked through Sport 80 we would need to register a course and advise of this so that you could specify which of the advertised course modules you would want to attend.

Please contact me at:

 07590 466907

Kath Fitzpatrick
AGB Senior Coach and Coach Developer
AGB Talent Team

NCAS support for rebuilding the sport through coaching

Danny Cameron - 18 January 2021

The committee of Northern Counties Archery Society have approved to support a plan to contribute to the rebuilding of our sport through a coach-led initiative. It has been suggested that Archery GB may lose up to 40% of its membership as a result of the pandemic, so addressing recruitment and retention at grassroots level has never been more important.

The current lockdown is yet another challenge to the sport, but if there is a positive, it gives some time to reflect and plan how the sport can recover going forwards. And the most important asset archery has to do that is through its voluntary sector. The first initiative focuses on the group who have the most direct effect on recruitment and retention of members: its coaches.

NCAS would like to support a proposal which would encourage and support individual clubs within the region to each develop an Annual Coaching Plan. Ultimately, each plan would be unique to each club's needs, but based around a common template to help identify the challenges and opportunities that club faces. The plan would be developed by the lead coach at that club, but would be fully supported by working groups using Zoom, so clubs could liaise and interact through the process to make plans that are relevant and resilient. Other benefits would be the opportunity to network more with other coaches, and also identify where clubs with fewer coaching resources could be assisted.

NCAS has ring-fenced a fund to help support this activity, which will be led by NCAS Regional Coaching Officer and County Coach, Danny Cameron.

If you're a lead club coach and would be interested in participating in this scheme, please could you contact Danny via email ( by January 31st.

Danny Cameron ComIH
County Coach (Archery GB)
Regional Coaching Officer (RCO) for Northern Counties Archery

If you would be interested in supporting this proposal by participating in your club or as a potential mentor for less experienced coaches, please could you let me know .

If you would like to offer any feedback on the proposal please forward to me and I will collate the responses..

Kath Fitzpatrick
AGB Senior Coach and Coach Developer
AGB Talent Team

NCAS Webinar, 30th September 2020

Danny Cameron - 15 September 2020

The Northern Counties Archery Society is running a webinar on the 30th of September for NCAS coaches. The main subject is how to run beginners courses under current COVID-29 regulations, and no doubt other subjects will be covered too.

The session will start at 7:00 PM and run until about 8:30 PM.

Zoom will be the webinar platform.

You can register for the webinar via this link:
 NCAS Coaching - Running beginners courses during Covid-19 (Eventbrite)

Danny Cameron ComIH
County Coach (Archery GB)
Regional Coaching Officer (RCO) for Northern Counties Archery

Cancellation of events hosted by Arrowhawks Archery Academy

Kath Fitzpatrick - 2 April 2020

The Technical Framework Introduction and Coaching Technique event with Lloyd Brown, due to be held at Haxby on April 18th and 19th, is cancelled.
If you have already booked in via Sport 80 please address any queries re refunds to Archery GB.
We are planning to reschedule this as soon as restrictions are lifted.

The National Talent Development Programme - North was due to take place on April 26th at Haxby. This is now cancelled.
Archery GB will be looking at new dates as soon as restrictions are lifted.
Those who attended the North session or have booked in for April - a new Facebook page just for you will he launched next week with training tips to keep you bow fit and ready for shooting as well as opportunities to post photos and video of what you are doing to stay strong and build your form.
Anyone struggling, feel free to pop video onto Messenger and I'll send feedback.

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

NCAS Coaching Conference, 25th April 2020 - the alternative solution

Danny Cameron - 24 March 2020

Given the current Covid-19 situation, we have been left with little alternative other than to postpone the (face-to-face) NCAS Coaching Conference scheduled for the 25th of April.

However, as we'd like to share with as many NCAS coaches as possible the new Session Coach and Development Coach formats (replacing L1 and L2), Archery GB's Lloyd Brown has kindly agreed to lead a short video conference on the same day (Saturday the 25th of April), starting at 10:00 AM, for approximately one hour, including time for Q&A.

You would only need access to a screen (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) with speakers and microphone (where you can also access your email, as you'll be sent a link to join), and you can join in from anywhere with a WIFI or 4G connection, not least from home, should you need to be in isolation.

As there is no need to cover venues, lunch and travel, there is no cost for joining this group session, and should the session be well-received, then with the ongoing and much appreciated assistance of Lancashire CCO Garry Partington, we may run further one hour sessions for coaches, so you can continue to access exchanges of ideas and learning, regardless of of the coronavirus situation.

This session will count towards CPD, and registration is via the link below:
 NCAS Virtual Coaching Conference (Eventbrite)

With best wishes

Danny Cameron ComIH
County Coach (Archery GB)
Regional Coaching Officer (RCO) for Northern Counties Archery

Technical Framework weekend in York

Kath Fitzpatrick - 14 March 2020

Event postponed/cancelled.

Arrowhawks Archery Academy will be hosting a Technical Framework weekend led by Lloyd Brown and assisted by Kath Fitzpatrick on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of April.

The sessions will be at Haxby Scouts in York.

Booking is via Sport 80 and is open now.

The first day is suitable for coaches and primarily recurve archers wishing to understand how the framework and associated skills and drills training can help develop good technique - though much is equally relevant to barebow, longbow or compound.

The second day is aimed at coaches as it is dealing with how to coach using the framework - coaches may bring an archer with them to work with although there will be some archers attending for this purpose.

Although booking is through Sport 80 it would be useful for set up and ensuring we have archers ready if you could let Kath know if you are bringing an archer with you or not.

Email Kath at:

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

National Talent Development Programme comes to the North

Kath Fitzpatrick - 1 February 2020

Archery GB has extended the reach of the National Talent Development Programme to establish a base in the North.

The first session on February 23rd is now bookable on Sport 80 and is open to junior archers, under 20s, shooting recurve and compound.

The programme is being hosted by Arrowhawks at Haxby Scout Centre York which is just north of York off the ring road.

The coaching team is led by Kath Fitzpatrick and Joe Brown, who ran the successful AGB Regional Performance Academy at Bishop Burton.

We are looking forward to welcoming young Northern archers to the Northern training centre.

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Coaching the Technical Framework - workshop at Pennine

Helen Woodcock - 9 January 2020

Pennine Archers are hosting a two-day Archery GB workshop on coaching the technical framework on the 1st and 2nd of February.

This is a hands-on practical workshop for coaches to learn how to evaluate and develop their archers' technical skills.

The two-day course is open to all coaches. The Saturday is open to all archers.

The workshop will be held at NFP Archery Centre, Linthwaite, HD7 5QG.

Booking is made through Sport 80, via the Archery GB website.

For more information and to book your place, please visit the Archery GB website.
 Archery GB workshops

For more information, please see this flyer:
 Coaching the Technical Framework (PDF)

Helen Woodcock
NFP Archery
 NFP Archery

Successes for Arrowhawks Archery Academy archers at JNIC

Kath Fitzpatrick - 1 December 2019

Arrwhawks Academy archers achieved conspicuous successes at this weekend's Junior National Indoor Championships.

Will Thompson - gold, U18 recurve. Overall 3rd gent.

Rosie Elliott - 2nd U16 longbow, with Jess Hardesty-Dean a closely-fought 4th in her first JNIC shooting longbow.

Max Oakley - 4th recurve U14, pipped by just one point!

Beth Rhodes - 5th girl compound U16 in her first JNIC.

Hannah Stocks - fought hard in the U18 compound to finish 6th.

Finlay Clark finished 4th in the U14 boys compound category, again with a close finish.

Also in her first JNIC, Mollie Bower finished 18th in the girls U16 recurve.

In the girls U14, Eleanor Stott finished a creditable 11th and Holly Spink 21st.

Great performances that make all the hard work worthwhile and the coaches feel proud - roll on next outdoor season!

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Arrowhawks are OnTarget - winter programme 2019-2020

Kath Fitzpatrick - 2 September 2019

I am pleased to announce that Arrowhawks Archery Academy has been granted AGB Ontarget Performance Club Status.

Our popular and successful winter coaching and training sessions will start in October and run through to May with monthly sessions for junior and senior archers of all bowstyles and disciplines.

Winter programmes include:
 Foundation skills and drills to help develop good form
 Strength and conditioning to ensure fitness for archery
 Equipment and technique analysis
 Technique development to an individual plan
 Support for developing a training and competition plan
 Workshops on sport psychology, nutrition, fitness training

All our coaches are AGB qualified and trained in current performance coaching methods and techniques as used at the AGB Youth Academy.

Please contact the Lead Coach Kath Fitzpatrick:

 07590 466907
 01226 218518

 Arrowhawks winter programme 2019-2020 (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Nutrition for performance

Kath Fitzpatrick - 2 September 2019

Saturday September 28th
Venue: Arrowhawks West at Aire Valley indoor range, Keighley Business centre, South Street, Keighley.
Morning session: Arrowhawks archers and parents
Afternoon session: coaches and archers

This consists of a 1.5 hour workshop with Jackie Wilkinson, professional nutritionist working across sport and business to enhance performance through attention to nutrition. Jackie is also an archer and was for many years a member of the GB Field Squad and International team.

The interactive presentation will cover:
 How the body uses food
 Where our energy comes from
 What to eat for a shoot
 When to eat it

Following the workshop, Jackie will then offer one-to-one or small group advice on diet, nutrition, hydration to improve and sustain energy levels during competition (and daily life) and enhance sporting performance.

This is a much neglected but important element in sports performance so we are offering an opportunity to learn more from someone who not only knows the theory but also the application within our sport.

There will also be an opportunity for archers to access the shooting range in the morning, and for Arrowhawks archers to shoot in the afternoon in the 20 yard range next to the classroom area with our coaches. Cost: £10.00 for the day. Please bring your own lunch - tea, coffee etc will be provided. CPD certificates will be provided for those AGB qualified coaches and coach candidates.

To book please contact Kath Fitzpatrick:

 07590 466907
 01226 218518

Cheques payable to: Kath Fitzpatrick Associates.

 Nutrition workshop 2019 (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Winter coaching and training with Trinity

Trinity Archery Coaching - 22 August 2019

Trinity Archery Coaching are fast approaching our next winter coaching sessions, starting in October 2019.

This is our seventh year using Leeds Trinity University sports hall, an excellent venue allowing for a team of coaches to supervise shooting, coaching and video analysis, all taking place at the same time.

This coaching is available to all archers shooting all bow types.

Contact Andy Arnold on:
 07879 330945

 Trinity Archery Coaching

Please see the flyer below for more information and contact details:
 Trinity winter programme 2019-2020

Sport England Workforce Diversity fund

Grahame Cotterill - 27 June 2019

Sport England have launched a fund intended to help diversify the sports and physical activites workforce.

National Lottery funding is available to engage women and/or BAME communities in positive coaching and volunteering in the sport and physical activity sector.

The Workforce Diversity Great Ideas Fund will be open until the 3rd of July:
 Sport England: Fund to diversify the sport and physical activity workforce

Grahame Cotterill

Chris Cushion presentation on coaching

Grahame Cotterill - 27 June 2019

Chris Cushion, Professor of Coaching and Pedagogy at Loughborough University, gave a brilliant presentation on coaching to the Gaelic Athletic Association's Games Development Forum 2017.
I heartily recommend that all coaches watch this:
 Chris Cushion presents his talk at the GAA Coaching Conference 2017

Grahame Cotterill

Level 1 course in Linthwaite, Huddersfield

Helen Woodcock - 25 May 2019

We have organised a Level 1 Coach training course to held at NFP Archery in Linthwaite, Huddersfield, on the following dates:
 Saturday 21st September 2019
 Saturday 12th October 2019
 Sunday 13th October 2019
 Sunday 23rd November 2019

The tutor is to be confirmed.

Cost is £260.

Al enquiries to Helen Woodcock:

Helen Woodcock
NFP Archery
 NFP Archery

Level 1 course at Haxby, York

Kath Fitzpatrick - 1 May 2019

The YAA will be running a Level 1 Coach training course at Haxby, York over the summer.

The dates are:
 Saturday June 8th
 Sunday June 9th
 Saturday June 22nd
 Assessment Saturday September 7th

Cost is £250.

Course tutor is Kath Fitzpatrick.

Course organiser is David Shaw.

In the first instance please contact Kath with enquiries:

 07590 466907
 01226 218518

Kath Fitzpatrick
Arrowhawks Archery Academy

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Archery GB Coaching Plan 2017-2021

Kath Fitzpatrick - 5 March 2019

Archery GB has published its coaching plan for 2017 to 2021 and issued an update in November. Coaches are advised to familiarise themselves with this important document, which will drive archery coaching at all levels for the next few years.

 Archery GB: Coaching Plan for Archery

The coaching plan:
 Archery GB: Coaching Plan for Archery 2017 - 2021

Coaching plan update November 2018:
 Archery GB: Coaching Plan Update November 2018

Kath Fitzpatrick
YAA County Coaching Officer

 01226 218518
 07590 466907

Level 2 Coach training course in Keighley

Bev DeToeuf - 2 February 2019

There will be a Level 2 coaching course in Keighley this year - starting on May 18th. The full dates are:
 18th May
 19th May
 20th July
 3rd August
 10th August
 6th October
 8th December

Course code: 19 L2 08.

Fee: £480

Closing date for applications: 29th March

Contact Bev DeToeuf for further details:

Bev DeToeuf

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