Small ads advice

How to advertise on the Small Ads page

There is no charge for advertising on the YAA's small ads page and the YAA makes no money from transactions resulting from adverts. There are, however, certain conditions:

To advertise items on this page, please send an email to Tim Mason ( stating:

You can attach a photo of the items, if available.

The YAA reserves the right to decline or withdraw any advertisement, without explanation or compensation.


The YAA provides this Small Ads page as a service to Yorkshire's archers. All adverts are carried in good faith. We have not seen the items being offered for sale and make no representations as to their quality or fitness for purpose. We have made reasonable efforts to verify the identity of the seller, but cannot guarantee that the seller has a legal right to offer the goods for sale. The YAA accepts no responsibility or liability for any harm or loss resulting from advertisements carried on this page.

Advice to sellers

There are many scams related to online trading. We strongly advise sellers:

Advice to buyers

We strongly advise buyers:

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